Our Services

Solar System

  • Solar systems design
  • Solar systems installation, dismantling,
  • testing and maintenance.
  • Solar systems panels testing and replacing.
  • Solar systems cabling.
  • Solar systems renovation.
CCTV Systems

  • Supplying Installation Configuration and commissioning for CCTV systems.
  • Our mission is to deliver a high performance managed surveillance.
Fiber Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance.

  • Install, remove, replace and modify underground distribution facilities for operating voltage up to and including 36 k.v.
  • Excavation of cable trenches in different type of soil ,backfilling ,installation of protective tiles, warning tapes and warning signs, reinstatement of roads, sidewalks and grasses, and fabrication and installation of concrete foundation pads and duct banks.
  • Laying underground copper/aluminum/fiber optic cables of various sizes and voltages, including splicing and terminations by using heat shrink or remolded materials and installation of identification markers, tagging, testing of insulation resistance and continuity and pre –commissioning tests.
  • Installation of grounding or earthling materials for various electrical equipment.
  • Installation of rising assemblies of various configurations and voltages to integrate underground distribution systems.
DC / AC System Projects

  • DC Rectifier installation, cabling, maintenance and testing.
  • Battery systems installation, cabling, maintenance and testing.
  • All the indoor and outdoor power cabling.
  • Electrical boards and circuit installation and connection.
  • Comprehensive renovation of all the existing power cables.
  • Laying power cables inside the data center, shelter and building.
  • Earthling
  • AC/DC network element's and systems capacity, design and status Auditing.
Generators Supplying, Installation and Maintenance

  • Generators Supplying, Installation and Maintenance:
  • Installation for 30 Standby Generators with capacities of 22 to 60 KVA for Umniah nodal sites.
Air Conditioning

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts to ensure that A-C systems are always working at optimum performance levels.
  • Our Experienced team is capable to renovate old used un
  • Professional maintenance for all the type of the cooling systems.
  • Supplying of all kind of Air-Conditioning systems.
  • Air-Conditions Installation and Maintenance.
  • Training the customer staff (on site Training).
  • Supplying all kind of needed Spare part un .
  • Dismantling and relocation for old systems.
  • Designing the required systems capacity.
  • Annual, monthly maintenance contracts.
MW Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance

  • Microwave Services including preparing LOS, MW design, TX network optimization, Preparing TRC needed Documents Site Survey and operation & maintenance.
Wireless Projects

  • Wireless Services including 2G, 3G, 4G and WiMax Equipment Installation, Configuration, Commissioning , Drive tests, IBS sites and operation & maintenance.
IP Networking Projects

  • All kind of Switches and Routers configurations
  • Managing customers entities remotely
  • IP Networks Implementations
  • MPLS and VPLS setup and support
  • Data and Internet Customers Support
  • Ethernet and Fiber Cabling
  • Cameras Implementations.
Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance SOW of wireless network: “ GSM cabinets, Bessan Information Technologt & Power Company MW links, cables, feeders, isolation …..”.
  • Preventive Maintenance SOW of equipment's and shelter surrounding area indoor and outdoor ( Cleaning inside the shelter, cleaning and remove all the rubbish from the surrounding area……)
  • Preventive maintenance SOW of network sites fences, sites gates, power meter boxes, shelters, power cable piping……).
Data Centers Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Telecomm Exchanges Cleaning and Maintenance.

  • Transporting Shelters, Outdoor Cabinets, Indoor Cabinets … etc
  • Transporting Generators and all kind of power cabinets, and reinstallation and configuration.
  • Transporting Batteries along with all related accessories
  • Transporting Network Servers, Routers, Switches, …etc
Outsourcing Teams

  • Providing the needed human resources teams for different divisions: “ Implementation, Transmission, RF, Power and BSS”.
  • Providing the needed vehicles for each team according to the requirements.
  • Providing the needed tools and measurement instruments.

  • 2G, 3G & 4G Systems : “ BSS, RF, Core, NOC … etc”
  • MW planning & Traffic Engineering
  • Telecomm Installations
  • Fiber Optics & GPON
  • WIMAX Technology
  • Safety and Health
  • SDH Technology
  • Power systems
  • Data Comm.
  • DWDM
  • PMP